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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sensible Stylista x Scoobie

I'm super excited to partner up with SCOOBIE today on SS for a work-friendly-ish post.  The -ish is there because you'd have to button up your top and possibly (probably, ha) swap sandals for pumps to really be office-appropriate.

Anyways, before we talk about my today's OOTD, I want to tell you all a bit about SCOOBIE.  Firstly, Sarah Jabbour (the owner) is a total sweetheart.  She has a true love for fashion, and she's all about helping people look and feel their best.  She's been working in retail since age 14 so she has an impressive amount of experience!  Recently, she left her 8-5 marketing job to focus on growing and developing SCOOBIE full-time.  

Sarah's collection is beyond fabulous. She personally travels all around the US to hand-pick pieces to sell.  She doesn't buy off line sheets because she wants to feel the clothes firsthand before buying them to ensure quality.  Her goal is to find the best-of-the-best at the most reasonable price points possible.

If you live in MO or KS, you can check out her store/s in person - their addresses can be found here if you're interested.  However, her online collection is just as beautiful!  She sent me this gorgeous skirt to style, and I can't get over how cute it is.  It's available HERE for $71. 
I styled the skirt with a classic button-front and accessorized with nude pieces to keep things simple.  The bright yellow lace is vibrant so I wanted it to take center stage without any competition.  The skirt's quality is comparable to that of Lilly Pulitzer or BCBG.
My top's from Ralph Lauren. They have the best button-fronts in my opinion.  I got this piece on sale for $29.99 at the outlet mall.  It was definitely a good buy because it was originally $80+.  Make sure you guys subscribe to their mailing list because they send coupons ALL the time.  
A close-up of my strappy nude sandals and current fave Burberry bag.
Shoes:  AMICLUBWEAR || Skirt:  c/o Scoobie || Top:  Ralph Lauren || Bag: Burberry (similar)

PS. I'm currently hosting two international giveaways on SS! Make sure you guys enter 'em HERE to win some seriously awesome swag.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8 Guys You'll (Unfortunately) Encounter on Online Dating Sites

You all know that I'm a veteran when it comes to online dating.  I've been at it for the last 3 years or so.  Many think OD is shady and/or dangerous, but it's really not.  You just have to use common sense!  Personally, I think it's a great way to meet new people. A lot of girls seem to think it's embarrassing, but I see no shame in it at all.  We're all busy people, and it's hard to meet people outside of our regular circles.  

Online dating's an efficient way to link up with someone who has similar interests.  I've met a handful of great people on OKC so rest assured, not everyone on there is douchey, crazy or [insert negative adjective of your choice].  With that said, I'm going to talk about 8 different dudes I've encountered on OKC because I got flooded with requests after my last post, "Online Dating Pet Peeves."  I hope you guys enjoy this because I spent a long time sifting through my inbox to find y'all examples, ha. Anyways, without further ado, let's start with...

1.  The Talker

The Talker just doesn't get it.  He believes that women ignore him because they're interested.  Hm.  He views silence as an invitation or even a challenge.  When the other party doesn't respond, it simply encourages him, and he'll message you over, and over....and over again.  I guess 15th times a charm?

This particular guy was over 50 and lived in FL.  I don't have anything against older dudes, but if you're old enough to be my father, no.  No, no, no, no, no, NO!  I clearly state in my profile that I'm looking for someone in their late 20s - early 30s.  I'm not quite sure what this man was thinking? Unless you're George Clooney, don't bother - #sorrynotsorry.

2.  The Copy-and-Paster

The Copy-and-Paster spends hours drafting a "charming" message and then sends every girl he finds on the internet. He thinks he's putting his best foot forward, but... nope.  He's coming off like a total d-bag.  I mean, "a nice butt for a white guy?" Ew.  
To make matters worse, he forgot that he contacted me and sent me the SAME message weeks later... addressed to the WRONG username, ha.  
Hm, maybe I should've forwarded this to yorkieluv...da fuq?

3.  The Giver

The giver wants to wait on you hand and foot....literally. like, you would be my butler? Would you do my laundry and shit, too?

4.  The Catfish

The Catfish is a pathological liar who will feed you bullshit about his job, name, age, blah blah blah - you get the point!  He'll sometimes even post fake photos. The dude below had Craig Craigery (the famous YouTube star) as his profile pic. I recognized him IMMEDIATELY and decided to have some fun, ha.
Aw, how sweet of you Craig Craigery.  If only you were straight...and real for that matter, ha.
Hm, so the good looking ones get spoiled, huh? I guess that's why you chose to post a shot of CC, one of the most beautiful YT stars I've ever seen.  Nicely played, asshat.  Next time, choose someone who's not FAMOUS!
Shortly after, he deleted his profile.

5.  The (Frightening) Romantic

The Romantic thinks he's being lovable when in reality, he's actually terrifying.  Maybe I'm just a jerk, but when I got this, my first thought was, "what the f**?" I don't know. Take a read and tell me what you think.  Is this message sweet or scary?

6.  The "Foreigner"

The "Foreigner" is never foreign.  In fact, he's most likely a douchey frat boy who thinks messaging you in french is sexy and sophisticated.  Rawr.  Stick to what you know fella.  You're better off working on your keg stands and beer pong skills.  Zing.
You're an idiot.  Just sayin' :)

7.  The Smooth Operator

The Smooth Operator thinks his pick-up lines are hella clever.  I'm sorry, but PUAs would be disappointed with your pathetic one-liners.  I recommend reviewing "The Game" ASAP before approaching your next potential love interest.

8.  The Horndog

The horndog doesn't play around.  He's thirsty, and he wants you to know it!

This playa means bidness! this fool touching his junk? Ew.
Has that ever worked for you, bro?
Ew.  What does that even mean?
So when I wrote, "do not send me hook up messages," you needed clarification?  SMH.

Ha.  I hope you guys got a kick out of these. Have you encountered any of these dudes on OKC or other dating sites?   

Trend Report: Tee Shirt Dresses

The typical, tight, body-con dresses that we're used to seeing on women may be becoming a thing of the past! Lately, people from all ends of the fashion spectrum have been rocking this trend! Tee shirt dresses are basically exactly what they sound like, long tee shirts. The designs usually have no form, and they often just look like an oversized shirt!
As you can see, there are tons of different styles available. You can wear a black, button down tee-dress for an edgy look. Or, a blue tee shirt dress with small little eyelets for a simple, casual ensemble. My personal favorite is the urban version pictured above, third from the left.  Jersey dresses are beyond stylish in my opinion.  Last but not least, the fashionista on the far right demonstrates that this trend can ooze sophistication.

This trend reminds me a lot of the "boyfriend" phase that was just really popular -- boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweatshirts, boyfriend everything! It's very similar because it's all about the oversized fit.  If you wanna rock this trend yourself, check out these fabulous options below:

Which style do you like best? Are you gonna rock a tee shirt dress this season? If so, make sure you post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #sensiblestylista for a possible feature!  Also, make sure you guys check back at 4:30 EST to read about 8 guys you'll encounter on online dating sites like OKC!

Written by Zoe Luiz
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